Frequently Asked Questions

You may require a consultation or credit assessment in order to properly direct you to the right package for your credit needs. 

A credit assessment allows us to dive into your credit needs by looking over your credit report to see what items you can have removed and or cancelled.

We accept all payment types from major debit/card cards except a Food Stamp Card/Child Support Card.

Typically the Bureaus take anywhere from 45-90 days. If in the event that 120 days have gone by; the Bureaus are mandated to remove all items requested to be taken off of your credit report per FCRA.

I always recommend my clients to use the Credit Reporting Company below; as they are the most accurate and report on a daily basis.

Please call or text us when time allows. We’d love to assist you in your credit needs or just basic information.

A Tradeline is an account that you are placed on to help build your credit through positive reporting. It’s the same as piggybacking off of someone else’s credit to bump yours up. 

However, be careful piggybacking off of a friend or family member’s credit that aren’t credit savvy. They may do more harm to your credit than you know if they aren’t the type(s) to pay bills on time or allow their accounts that you may be on to fall behind and go into Collections.

Than you are financially secure but not asset privy. You can have all the money in the world; there’s just nothing you can do for your family without credit worthiness. Credit is established early-on in your adult life. There shouldn’t be anyone over the age of 30 without a credit score or not trying to build one. 

As your Grandmother would say, “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”. 

Debt to Ratio is how much debt you have vs how much you are attempting to borrow, whereas your income and overall debt is calculated and (or) combined to see how much you make vs how much you can afford. You can not borrow against the grain. If your income is not 3 times the amount you are attempting to borrow; than 9 out of 10 you will not qualify for that loan you are applying for.

Scores go up and down depending on your credit usage, History and (or) reporting.

EXAMPLE: If your credit card limit is $1000 and you are using $1000 of your available credit, then you are using 100% of your credit limit. You should be using less than 30% of your credit limit to keep your utilization down.