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My name is Dr. Coleman, I am a current Doctorate Graduate in Business Administration. I’ve ran a successful Credit Company for over 8 years. I have assisted over 145,000 families achieve their Home buying goals as well as the goal to get their credit scores above the 800 mark. 

I have made it my business to be not just business friendly; but a friend to my clients so they feel more at ease to know that they are not alone in their credit battle as I was not always the Credit Guru of New York. I faced many credit issues myself in my 20’s as a College Student with debts up to my neck, dealing with Student loans. I was so tired and defeated about my credit and being denied loans; that I made a promise that I would one day beat the system. 

Finally that day had come when I was denied a Home Loan for lack of credit and I met a friend in my Doctorate studies who had a cousin who not only performed credit repairs; he also taught it. While I was being charged a whopping $1500 for a debt deletion letter; I was driven to get into that line of work seeing how much I was paying for just a legal petition. 

Fast forward, I learned how to help myself after having paid someone my months rent for a credit repair and now I run a Multi Million Dollar Credit Company that employees people around the United States. I also train those whom wish to get started in this field so they can too, be financially stable. 

Inclosing, I wish to make make history for being the first minority Black owned Credit Company to employ over 25,000 individuals in the past 8 years of being in business. 

So thank you for choosing “BlackCreditLegalGroup” to assist you in your credit future and in all your future endeavors. 

8 Years of Experience

Assisting over 145,000 people worldwide I can officially say that I am the Credit Guru of New York.

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I'll be honest, I definitely came from the mud to the big house. I beat all odds against me and am now a Multi Millionaire.

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