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CCColeman Terms of Use

Last updated March 21st, 2019

Refund Policy

Any and all refunds should be requested within 24 hours of purchase for any and all repair

services. In regards to digital services; a refund request can not be performed as digital services

are non-returnable; thus, services are rendered and complete upon access granted for Trainings:

Stock Training and Credit Training.

For any repair services performed and paid for; all clients are to send any and all information

required and (or) requested by CCColeman Writing, LLC for best results. Any information that

has not been submitted within 30 days from the time of payment will be forfeited and null. No

refunds are permitted upon non-submission of information requested after 30 days. Once repairs

have been initiated a refund can not be given as all clients are mailed out by regular mail within

7 business days after purchase. This Policy can be found on the website at the bottom of each


PLEASE NOTE: Any and all services purchased within a 12-24-month period is subject to a

mandatory registration fee of $99 dollars. This fee is usually charged upfront by most credit

repairing agencies. We charge ours at the end of a 12-24-month service.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: or by

Phone: (917) 254-6171